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Do you know what is in your water?

Aloha Pure Water – Taste the difference Taste Aloha PURE.   Nearly 30 years in business servicing our customers and community by providing the highest quality Drinking Water and IN-HOME / small business Water Improvement needs.

We offer the highest quality and/or Gold Seal WQA/NSF Standard-58 Certified water products in the industry and take great pride in the quality and integrity of our drinking water and water products.

We produce and sell only the highest quality purified water and alkaline water.  See our lab test and you will see why our customers say “It’s The Best!”

We carry a full line of Residential Water Purification Systems and Light Commercial, water softeners and conditioners, magnetohydrodynamic and electronic conditioners, filtration, de-chlorination, anti-scaling systems, reverse osmosis systems, water coolers and hundreds of portable water bottles of all different sizes and type. Including crocks with counter and floor stands in our Lancaster store.  We also have systems for WELL WATER & City Municipal water problems .  Custom options are also available. Full Service Filter and Membrane replenishment program is also available upon request.

We offer many types of systems for home, office, condo’s, apartments, town-homes, restaurants, salons, R.V.’s, and trailers.  Remember, what is IN your INCOMING drinking water is not the only problem. The MAJOR PROBLEM begins in your bathtub, shower, swimming pool, spa, and the water you use to brush your teeth and wash your face and hands in. DIRECT SKIN CONTACT is when your problems start.

Free water testing for hardness and PPM/TDS. NSF 94 Pollutant testing is available.

We have systems for WELL WATER & City Municipal water problems as well.

All installs and service are done by a reputable licensed plumber.